Our Products

Our product catalogue consists of a wide range of fast bases that are manufactured with a long-term plan to produce more than 100TPM Tons per Month in totality.

Areas of Use

These products support diverse fields of applications, which include but are not limited to Pharma, Textile, Paint and Pigment.

Pharma Industry

In Pharma industries, they are used for

  • Manufacturing of medicines as a API (Active Pharma Ingredient)
  • Colouring of capsules

They are widely exported for their use in high-end medical/pharma products.

Textile Industry

The Textile industry applications include dyeing and printing on cotton.

Pigment Industry

In Pigment industries, they are used in

  • Printing textile cotton products
  • Paper printing
  • Colouring plastic material
  • Silk industries
  • Rubber industries
  • Ink manufacturing